WinCo Hours of Operation: Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Holiday Hours

WinCo FOODS, or WinCo in short is a privately owned retail food business. Being aware of WinCo hours is important today as the pandemic has turned the world upside down, and nothing remains the same anymore.

WinCo store hours in popular locations like Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Texas, and others remain the same but may vary in smaller states.

Shared further down the article are WinCo holiday hours so keep tuned in until the end.

To understand the legacy behind this privately owned company, you must first learn about its rich history that dates back to 1967.

Ralph Ward and Bud Williams founded “Waremart” in Boise, Idaho in 1967. What was initially a no-frills, low prices, grocery store became an employee-owned company when Waremart staffers purchased a majority stake in the company.

Cut to 1991, Waremart inaugurated an 82,000 sq ft store in Boise where it was headquartered. In 1999, Waremart became “WinCo Foods”, named after the five states it operated back then; Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon.

2009 was the year WinCo opened its first stores in the Spokane, Washington area, West Valley, City, and Midvale. 2011 and 2012 worked out great for the brand as the chain expanded to Southern Nevada, Arizona, Las Vegas, And Nevada. Cut to 2017, WinCo foods just cut the ribbons for its 114th store in Moses Lake, Washington.

With that said, let’s know about the WinCo store hours in detail.

WinCo Hours of Operation

Today, WinCo foods is known to offer bakery items, grocery, seafood, snacks, produce, beauty products, and many more. Operating longer hours than most companies it competes with, WinCo Foods, a private entity, brings in more than $ 7.2 billion in revenue as of 2019.

WinCo Foods Hours

WinCo hours of operation are pretty straightforward in places like Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, and California but close a tad early in a few other places. To get an idea of the hours in detail, check the below table.

DayOperating HoursOpening & Closing Time
Monday24 hours6:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Tuesday24 hours6:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Wednesday24 hours6:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Thursday24 hours6:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Friday24 hours6:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Saturday24 hours6:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Sunday24 hours6:00 AM to 5:00 AM

WinCo Foods Holiday Hours

WinCo not only operates around the clock in most states but around the calendar. If you are looking for WinCo Thanksgiving hours, look at the bottom of the first table below

On which holidays are WinCo Foods open?

On major holidays like Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, and others, WinCo foods may close early or operate at different hours, other than the hours mentioned below.

DayHolidayOpen or Closed?
January 1stNew Year’s DayOpen ✔ Hours may vary
January 17thMartin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)Open ✔
February 14thValentine’s DayOpen ✔
February 21stPresidents DayOpen ✔
March 1stMardi Gras Fat TuesdayOpen ✔
March 17thSt. Patrick’s DayOpen ✔
April 15thGood FridayOpen ✔
May 5thCinco de MayoOpen ✔
April 17thEaster SundayOpen ✔
April 18thEaster MondayOpen ✔
May 30thMemorial DayOpen ✔
June 19thFather’s DayOpen ✔
July 4thIndependence Day (4th of July)Open ✔
September 5thLabor DayOpen ✔
October 10thColumbus DayOpen ✔
October 31stHalloweenOpen ✔
November 11thVeterans DayOpen ✔
November 23rdDay Before ThanksgivingOpen ✔
November 24rdThanksgivingOpen ✔
November 25thBlack FridayOpen ✔
November 28thCyber MondayOpen ✔
December 24thChristmas EveOpen ✔ but closes early X
December 26thDay after ChristmasOpen ✔
December 26thBoxing DayOpen ✔
December 31stNew Year’s EveOpen ✔ but closes early X

On which holidays are WinCo Foods closed?

WinCo Christmas Hours is the only outright variable compared to all other holidays in the calendar so it becomes fairly easy to remember.

DayHolidayOpen or Closed
December 25thChristmas DayClosed X

Based on the location, the shop owner’s discretion, and other factors, Winco may or may not open its door on selected holidays. Ensure to use the store locator below to contact the store before visiting, if you don’t live in a tier-one city.

WinCo Foods Number & Details

As a customer, it is your right to be able to reach the retailer at your whim, to share feedback, grievances, or request updates. Feel free to use the following details to reach WinCo foods.

The store locator URL provided above is a game-changer as it is all you need in most situations. Providing crucial information like the hours and the phone number, the URL also takes you to the location directly via Google maps.

Social Media:

WinCo Foods Address: 

8200 W Fairview Ave,

Boise, ID 83704,


WinCo Foods Offerings

It may seem like WinCo foods is a run of the mill food retailer but there is more to the store. Selling everything from food recipes to pizzas, WinCo could satisfy all your food needs, including produce. These are some of its key offerings:

  • Recipe: Some of the main recipes shared by WinCo are Dill Deviled Eggs, Macadamia Nut Butter, Lucky You Mint pie, pineapple orange banana frosty, and many more. The shared recipes also come with a timestamp within which it can be prepared.
  • Produce: In produce, WinCo offers fruits & vegetables for all seasons. Some of the fruits offered are bananas, apples, kiwi, lemons, limes, pineapples, and strawberries, and some of the vegetables produced are asparagus and cabbage. broccoli, celery, spinach, and more.
  • Meat: Ask the butcher, Ready to Cook, and Meat Alternatives are the three wings of WinCos Food Meat Department. All these three wings (no pun intended) are well-equipped, stacked, and knowledgeable about their jobs to cater to the customer efficiently.
  • Seafood: With the BAP certification, WinCo makes and sells unique Seafood seasonings unlike no other.
  • Variety & Seasonal: Another unique offering WinCo has recently ventured into is HABA. Short for Health & Beauty, WinCo now sells baby products, foot care, hygiene products, cosmetics, dental care, first aid, and many more. Other than these off-shoot items, WinCo has also seen success in selling pet care products. Party goods, office items, kitchen essentials, and many more.
  • Bakery: In the bakery, WinCo produces a variety of bread, potato rolls, cakes, bagels, croissants, and others.

A brand that is so prolific at making food products and has a legacy of over 50 years must inadvertently make its own products, and these are some of the WinCo branded products you may find in stores now.

WinCo Food Brands

Fry sauce, Lemonade, moping clothes, and dusting clothes made by WinCo are sold in every store so keep an eye out for these brand offerings.

WinCo Foods Pizza 

The brand may not be popular for pizza like dominos or papa johns but they are known to make some of the best tasting pizzas in all 50 states. Cheese, Hawaiian, one topping, combo, veggie, and make your own pizza are some of the pizza offerings by WinCo foods.

About WinCo Foods and Review

For a private, employee-owned company, giving jobs to more than 20,000 people is an incredible feat indeed. Under the Chairmanship of Gary Piva and the Presidency of Grant Haag, WinCo foods have earned a revenue of over $ 7 billion as of 2019.

Despite the pandemic crunches, this private entity is in a unique position to continue growing, and the brand is looking to expand further.

On, WinCo foods are rated an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars by more than 3,500 visitors. On the other hand, the brand scores 3.2 out of 5 stars on Two hundred forty-one people rate the brand 4 out of 5 stars on the popular review website


It is commendable for a company to remain strictly offline in 2022. Remember that WinCo foods encourage you to shop with them personally, so it does not provide curbside pick up or any other sort of home delivery.

With that being said, as the pandemic reaches manageable stages, people would surely love to flock to offline stores just to feel a sense of normalcy. When you’re looking to visit a WinCo foods store next time, the hours and holiday times are sure to come in handy, so save the link right now.

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