Costco Hours: Opening, Closing & Holiday Hours

The search for Costco hours, both opening and closing, inclined drastically after the pandemic and for valid reasons. Costco is beloved — and during COVID19, their stores went an extra mile in serving their customers.

Speaking of their popularity, they are massive. The obvious reason? Costco has everything that you want. You name it, they have it! And at extremely discounted prices (in fact, it’s something you will never find elsewhere).

Having said that, it’s certainly one of the ideal places to shop—groceries, medicines, party supplies, and whatnot. Keeping all that in mind, on one good day, you decide to head there, start your car, and drive all the way just to see a big board that says — Costco business hours have changed.


Yeah, we get how that feels. Considering the pandemic, most major retailers are closed (or have restricted hours at least) on holidays. It is always a bit tricky to plan your shopping routine.

What’s even worse is that there might be days when you drive into the lot just to realize that the parking angels weren’t by your side that day. They are just closed! And that’s exactly why being aware of Costco opening and closing hours is important.

Whether you want to buy last-minute essentials or stock up on your daily necessities for the entire month, know the Costco opening times and closing times to prevent yourself from being at one of their stores when it’s closed.

Costco Hours Of Operation

Like any other physical store in the country, even Costco hours have been updated amidst the pandemic.

During weekdays, Costco opening times are between 10 AM and 8.30 PM. On Saturdays, their stores are open between 9.30 AM to 6 PM. On Sundays, Costco opening hours are slightly different, as it opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM.

Although these timings are quite set, there may be slight variations depending on the store’s location. Therefore, it is worth checking with your nearest store before you plan a visit.

Also, it’s worth calling out that Costco has special working hours in the mornings between 9 AM and 10 AM (Monday to Friday). At this hour, people aged 60 years or more, and individuals with disabilities can shop at their convenience.

Additionally, the retail store also prioritizes healthcare workers. So, they can enter the store at this special hour without any queue. That said, you must bear in mind that this special hour can vary depending on the location of the store you plan to visit.

Check out Costco opening and closing hours in the table below!

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday10:00 AM8:30 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM8:30 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM8:30 PM
Thursday10:00 AM8:30 PM
Friday10:00 AM8:30 PM
Saturday9:30 AM6:00 PM

The above information is updated in line with Costco’s official website and the way it operates in the U.S. It’s still good to verify the timing details (based on the city you live in) before visiting. Until the COVID situation comes to a halt, the Costco hours op operation is subject to change.

Now that you know about the Costco hours of operation, let’s dig into a few more things.

On Which Holidays are Costco Stores Open?

Costco hours remain the same even during holidays. Here is a list of holidays when Costco stores are open!

  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Presidents Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Easter Monday
  • Halloween
  • Black Friday
  • Good Friday

On Which Holidays are Costco Stores Closed?

Costco’s business hours are aimed at offering the highest levels of convenience to its customers. However, there are seven days in the year when Costco stores are closed. These holidays are: listed below:

  • Labor Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day

Costco Customer Support Details

You can connect with Costco’s customer support team in various ways. We have highlighted the contact details of different departments along with hours of operation below.

Membership and Warehouse

  • Contact Number: 1-800-774-2678
  • Weekdays: Monday to Friday: 6 AM to 6 PM
  • Weekends: Saturday and Sunday (8 AM to 5 PM)

Costco Business Center Orders

  • Contact Number: 1-800-788-9968
  • Weekdays: Monday to Friday: 7 AM to 6 PM
  • Weekends: Saturday and Sunday is closed

Costco Home Improvement Installed Products

  • Contact Number: 1-844-765-0251
  • Weekdays: Monday to Friday: 5 AM to 7 PM
  • Weekends: Saturday & Sunday: 7 AM to 5 PM

Costco Mail Order Pharmacy

  • Contact Number: 1-800-607-6861
  • Weekdays: Monday to Friday: 5 AM to 7 PM
  • Weekends: Saturday (9.30 AM to 2 PM) and Sunday is closed Online Orders

  • Contact number: 1-800-955-2292
  • Weekdays: Monday to Friday: 5 AM to 8 PM
  • Weekends: Saturday and Sunday: 5 am to 7 pm

Costco Travel

  • Contact Number: 1-877-849-2730
  • Weekdays: Monday to Friday: 5 AM to 9 PM
  • Weekends: Saturday and Sunday (6 AM to 5.30 PM)

Costco Concierge Services Technical Support

  • Contact Number: 1-866-861-0450
  • Timing: Monday to Sunday (5 AM to 10 PM)

Costco Photo Center

  • Contact Number: 1-855-620-7579
  • Timing: Monday to Sunday (6 AM to 8 PM)

Corporate Mailing Address

They also give you an option to contact them through regular mail and here’s their address:

PO Box 34331

Seattle, WA 98124

Costco Self-Service Options

Costco offers a self-service option to its members too. You can do that by registering on their website. But if you are a registered member already, sign in and use the self-service option to do the following things:

  • Cancel or return an order that you placed through the website.
  • Ask for a price adjustment if you find a difference between the promotional price and the actual price you paid.
  • Access your membership and update it in case you need to make changes.
  • Update your account information in case there is a change in address or any other detail.
  • Share your feedback through your membership portal on the Costco website.

What Services does Costco Offer?

Costco Wholesale Corporation is one of the biggest multi-billion retailers in the global market. Ranked at number 10 on the Fortune 500 list for its total revenue, Costco is often bragged for being the world’s first ever company to grow from $0 to $3 billion in sales within 6 years.

coscto opening hours

With 804 warehouse clubs operating in 8 different countries, Costco sells variety of things (both private-label + branded products) and these include:

  • Packaged foods
  • Home appliances
  • Beverages
  • Electronics
  • Health & hygiene products
  • Bakery products
  • Deli and produce
  • Handbags, Clothing, and Luggage
  • Holiday and Seasonal
  • Baby care products
  • Beauty products
  • Floral and Gift Baskets
  • Gift Cards and Tickets
  • Furniture
  • Grocery
  • Gourmet Foods
  • Pet Health
  • Household Essentials
  • Home & Installation services
  • Personal Care
  • Home Improvement
  • Mattresses
  • Jewelry, Sunglasses, and Watches
  • Office Products
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Patio, Lawn, and Garden
  • Tires and Automobile
  • Toys and Books

Shipping and Delivery Options at Costco

When it comes to shipping and delivery, Costco has a comprehensive policy in place. You can check if a particular item can be delivered to your preferred address or not through their website.

The moment you add an item in the cart and enter your shipping address, the automated system lets you know if it can be delivered to your shipping location or not. Usually, most products can be delivered using one of the delivery options that they offer.

Delivery Options

For delivery, you can choose from the following options:

  • White-Glove Delivery: This is one of the best delivery options where you can choose the time for an item to be delivered to you. Moreover, it includes unpacking, setting up, inspection, and removal of the packing material.
  • Curb side Delivery: With this option, your item is delivered directly to your driveway through a freight carrier.
  • Threshold Delivery: When you order a large item, it can be delivered to your property’s first possible dry area. This can be your garage or door entrance.
  • Room of Choice Delivery: You get this option when you buy heavy furniture. The item is delivered directly in the choice of your room, given that it has a safe and clear path. Note that this option comes with a specific time schedule as well as a signature from you.
  • Standard Delivery: The item is delivered to you via a reliable service such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS. You can also choose express delivery with a small handling fee at the time of checkout.
  • Standard Delivery without Pre-Scheduled Appointment: The item will be shipped through a trusted delivery service, and it will be left at your doorstep. Also, this option does not require any signature or prior appointment.

Grocery Delivery

Costco offers grocery delivery only in some specific markets and is available exclusively to its members. The orders can be sent to one address per delivery. You can choose from two options:

  • A 2-day delivery option costs a $3 delivery surcharge per item. However, for orders exceeding $75, you don’t have to pay this surcharge. This option is available only for non-perishable items.
  • The second option is for frozen or cold items that require controlled temperature during delivery. It costs a $10 delivery surcharge. However, the surcharge does not apply if your order exceeds $100.

Note: The delivery option is pre-determined depending on the item that you are buying.

About Costco

Costco Wholesale Corporation is one of the world’s largest retailers, with net sales summing at $163.2 billion during the 2020 fiscal year. The company is into selling both private-label and branded products, even including beverages, packaged foods, appliances, health products, electronics, and more.

Costco operates multiple key subsidiaries, which help drive massive sales and profits every year. It has its headquarters in Issaquah, Washington. It works in several countries, including Spain, UK, Mexico, and Canada.

Costco Review

Costco has received glowing reviews from its customers for offering the best quality items at competitive prices. For decades, Costco’s entrepreneurial drive has defined their staff at each level. They stay united with one common goal: exceed expectations. Costco’s opening hours and closing hours are also adapted to the needs of its customers.

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